Let Me Explain

by Flower Crown Me A Queen

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This is less about how I view the world, and more about how I view myself. I feel like there's a lot I need to explain, and this is the best way to do it, I think.

I also wouldn't be anywhere without my friends, so I figured I'd have them play on this new album. It was such a fun experience working with the talents of Micah from Chatterbox & The Latter Day Satanists, Robyn of Crust-E The Katt, Sam from My Friends Worship Satan, and my very good friend Charlie, who was one of the first people I ever met when I first moved to Denver.

And of course, Elliot. I'm so glad he finally gets to showcase his prowess beating on the skins (take that however you want), and how much fun it was to see his face while shredding that drum solo. I couldn't ask for a better bandmate, and best friend.

I hope you enjoy this record as much as I did making it. And I hope I get to see your faces as soon as possible <3
- Dahlia


released February 7, 2016

Dahlia McAluney - Guitar / Guitulele / VOX
Elliot Williams - Drums / Cajon / Percussion / VOX
Micah Butler - SAW
Robyn Hood - Mandolin
Sam Exner - Banjotar
Charlie Hris - Bass

Special Thanks to Maxwell Morrison for letting us use his voice in the beginning and ending of I'm Not A Poet <3



all rights reserved


Flower Crown Me A Queen Denver, Colorado

A folk punk project about being trans, hating cops, surviving capitalism, and staying cute while doing it.

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Track Name: I Am Not A Poet
G, D, C

I'm not a poet I just know how to rhyme
I'm not a singer I can just carry a line
I'm not a musician I just know how to keep time
But I guess this gig is working out just fine

I'm not a man I just tend to look like one
I think I do a pretty good job of looking young
But I feel so goddamn old, counting all the things I've done
But at least I don't shrivel in the sun

I'm not educated cuz no one talked to me
Except the books inside my room who knew knowledge was free
I'm just a girl who likes to read cuz words will help you see
The truth about how everything can be

I'm not a traveler I just don't have a place that's mine
And if I do 3000 miles away seems too hard to find
I guess I'll find my home all things happen in due time
I just hope I have a bed to lay in when I die

I'm not a sinner if I don't believe in God
There's no rules but my own my mistakes are all I've got
They shape me better than I could have ever thought
There's no use trying to keep up that facade

So I leave you with the idea that I'm mine
There's nothing you could ever do to make me change my mind
I'll just try to be the best I can to hell with thinking I
Will ever be someone that you thought for the first time
Track Name: Rational Point
Capo 2nd
C, E, Am, G, F

What are we even fighting for
When we don't even know what we're fighting against
The cops the laws the government
Sexist racist bullshit the end of the capitalist
Intersectionality is very important
But don't forget what we were trying to hit
You can cover more ground when you're shooting from the hip
But you get better results when you focus in
Cutting off their legs will prevent them from running
But the only sure way is straight through the brain
You've gotta hit them at the head
The headquarters, the front office
The place where it all begins
Education is key
But they'll believe when they see
When it's actually happening to them, not to me
It's hard to fight a war on an enemy you cannot see
And how I think it's time
For us to realize
To stop the stupid petty shit we need to compromise
Clothes may not have gender but the ones who think they do still try to kill me and you
Yes we shouldn't be dying because of what others may think
But we need to change that thinking first and foremost so we'll be
Safe to fight the battles that encompass everyone and everything
And then we'll bomb the government
And then we'll burn the fucking pigs
And then we'll tear the capitalist system down with all of it
It's gonna come I promise you
We'll still be there to see it through
But we just have to be patient
Track Name: No More Apologies
Am, C7, Gm, Em

I'm sorry for the things that I said
You know I wish that I could take it back
I didn't think it was enough I'm sorry that I didn't ever do enough

I'm sorry for the things I thought were true
I'm sorry for the things they did to you
I'm sorry that I wasn't there I didn't know what to do, I was scared

I wish that I could turn back the clock
I wish that I could try to walk the walk
I wish that I didn't search for answers at the bottom of this bottle

I wish that I were a better human being
One that could express how she is feeling
I wish, i wish, i wish, but fuck this wishing won't ever do me shit

I'm sorry
I'm sorry
I'm sorry for the way that I act you know I don't want to act like that

I'm sorry for the way that things are going
I'm sorry for the way they are unfolding
I'm sorry for the hand I played I didn't want to think you'd ever stay

I'm sorry for the times I wasn't right
I'm sorry for the times that I was
I'm sorry for the reasons that I do things are always just because

I wish that I could be a pretty woman
I wish that they could see I really am
I wish that people didn't stare at me when I go walking down the street

I wish that I didn't have an illness
An illness that nobody thinks exists
I wish that I didn't need to pills to make me act okay again

I'm sorry
I'm sorry
I'm sorry for the way that I act you know I don't want to act like that

But I'm not sorry
I'm not sorry
I'm not sorry for existing this is me and only me I'm done resisting

I will go on
For I am strong
I have made it this far and fuck it I'm not stopping now I'll raise the bar

And I will pass it
It's gonna happen
I will make make it through today, tomorrow, and I'll never ever have to say

I'm sorry
Track Name: Blistering Ignorance
Capo 3rd
Am, Dm, E, C, E

Ignorance is bliss when it's not blistering burns
On the hearts of young children from parents they learn
To not be themselves, be attractive to those
That stay in control, we are not in control

Just be yourself, just do your best
It's not enough to pass the test
Why can't you do it when I could
We're not the same, we are not one
We're all the same, the human race
It doesn't fucking work that way
I say it does, there's rules in place
You break the rules you fucking made

You break them every day
Break them in my face

Nothing's fighting against you
You don't know what Im going through
Just be the same as everyone
I can't do that and be me too
What's the fucking problem, son
Everything is going wrong
Land of opportunity
No equality for you and me

We are not equal beings
Equality for you and me

Ignorance is bliss when it's not blistering burns
On the hearts of young children from parents they learn
To not be themselves, be attractive to those
That stay in control, we are not in control

We have to have faith that what they're doing is right
But we find out its not, and it cuts like a knife
We're dealt the wrong cards and the dealers can see it
This is how it ends, now it all goes to shit

This is how it ends
When every single lane will start the same
You call it equality, I call it bullshit
You have a fucking headstart

Just admit that you're wrong, that the system's all gone
And all that's left is pain
Track Name: Anywhere But Here
E, C, A

Somewhere an old priest is touching a young boy
Just hours after a sermon on adultery
Somewhere a small child is stranded in rubble
Wondering if her parents are okay
Somewhere a police officer is yelling stop resisting
At a civilian who's facing the bloody end of their nightstick
Somewhere an abortion clinic is being bombed and terrorized
By people who exclaim pro-life

But that somewhere isn't here

Cognitive dissonance is a new dirty word
When implications are ignored and dismissed as absurd
If it's happening there, why can't it be here
You're holding close lies of what you hold dear

You're closing your eyes to the easy disguise of a system so broken it leaves you to die
When you find out the play goes only one way what the fuck will you do with the rest of your days

Will you sit there and deny your fate

Somewhere a couple is being beaten to death
Cuz their gender identity just happens to match
somewhere a child doesn't think their life matters
Cuz a cop killed their father at a rally that said it does
Somewhere a woman was told that she wanted it
Cuz apparently clothes are louder than her screams
Somewhere a teenager just pulled the trigger
Because her family can't accept she's not a man anymore

And that somewhere is always here
That somewhere is in your house
That somewhere is in your neighborhood
That somewhere is in your life
Track Name: We Go Paiko's Brah!
Capo 6th
A, C, D
Chorus A, E, C, D

Drop in, bottom right
Getting barreled, outta sight
Get pitched, almost drown
North shore surf town
Hit the reef, vision goes
Breathing water fucking blows
Feel the current pull me up
Break free, get fucked

Never getting tired, surf until the day I die
Nothing matters anymore, why even try
Feel the water cool me down, getting too much sun
Waiting for the waves to break and then we Fuckin run!

Surfs up!

Drop in, sharp left
Roaring waves keep me deaf
Flying over shallow ground
Better not fall down
Pulling up and getting air
Water's flying every where
540 rodeo
Bail out, let's go

Surfs up!
Track Name: This Is A Love Song, I Promise
E, C, D

I'm too drunk to write a line
But that won't stop me from missing you
I'm too drunk to walk just fine
But that won't stop me from kissing you
I always knew I was fuckin cheap

No, we're both drunk as fuck
But not too much to really
And your breath smells like vodka
And mine smells like day old pizza
But I'm more comfortable
Than I've been in much too long
This girl's got me more fucked up than this bottle in my hand

And now sleeping alone feels like a chore
A month and a week but too much to keep
My head is spinning and my heart is racing
And my mouth is already saying the words

I can't catch my breath cuz you take it away
And I can't see straight cuz we're super gay
I want to be yours, darling, I just have to say

I'm fucking in love with you
Track Name: My Beard Is Just As Punk As Your Mohawk
Capo 2nd
G, F, G, F, C

In a world of stereotypes
Fashion trends and status quo's
Isn't it the point of punk
To always go against the flow
The mainstream beauty standards to naught
I've got my beard, you've got a hawk

A bearded lady, what a freak
A boy, a girl, or in between?
What are you supposed to think
When you see me on the street

You think that I'm supposed to fit
Into this mold you hold so dear
But I digress, I'll stay a mess
Of gendered traits you seem to fear

What is it that angers you
To the point of violent acts
Carried out upon my person
Don't you think I even am?

I'll wear my beard and my skirt too
What the fuck are you gonna do
A protest of the status quo
That's pretty fuckin punk, you know

A bearded lady what a freak
A boy or girl or in between
What are you supposed to think
When you see me on the street

I'll tell you what you ought to think
You think real hard and then you'll see
It's just a fucking style choice
It's even louder than my voice

And they always say why doesn't she want to look like a girl and I say well I fucking do some girls dye their armpit hair some get tattoos on their face some have Mohawks taller than you can reach and this is just my own personal way of rejecting beauty standards set forth by a misogynistic society that tells me I can't possibly be a woman if I don't look like what THEY think one should look like and that's totally fucking BULLSHIT



I shouldn't have to look like
How you think I should
You don't run my life
Don't think you ever could
I'm pretty of my own accord
And beauty standards of my own
I'm a Goddamn lady
So fucking leave me alone!
Track Name: Wise Old Mountains
Capo 5
E, C

Wise old mountains
Tell me your stories
I'll listen with open ears

The things you have seen
The things you have taught
All of which I've left to learn

Wise old mountains
Show me your secrets
I'll peer with open eyes

The tales of old
Of riches untold
The things we try to hide

Wise old mountains
Lend me your hand
Pull me on this road

It's lonely and long
But my legs will grow strong
When you lead me on and on

Wise old mountains
Your peaks and ravines
Will trap me for eternity

So I cannot stay
I must go away
But I will see you again one day
Track Name: I Found A Shortcut
Capo 5th
E, D, A

I was never much good at getting sleep
I made my bed and I guess it's time to jump on it
What the fuck are in these pills
Don't need a doctor to get my prescriptions filled

I think I'm talking sense but I'm not talking words at all I
Need to take another break I gotta sit down
Guess I'm gonna take another sick day for a year
Ha, didn't you hear?

There's no way out!

Now the kids are going crazy reading Karl Marx
And now they're stocking up on molotovs
The cops are burning at the stakes the politicians' heads are sitting on!

It's a piece of shit my country tis of thee
They have the audacity to call it land of the free
But no one really is, not you or him or her or them or even me!

It's not slavery because it's voluntary
But starvation or a gun doesn't matter how it's done
When it's everything to bills or dying on the street tell me
Is it still a choice, is it really still a choice?

There's no way out!

But wait
I see something
In the distance
It's a light
It's.. It's a ball of fire
Everything's burning
Everything's burning!

Burn it all
To the ground
That's the way out
That's the way out
I found it out
That's the way out