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If this were a vinyl single, Femme would be side A and Bathroom Break would be side B. But records are expensive to press for a little DIY band, so this is going to be a little online-only release for you lovely femme folks that would identify with this song the most <3


released May 12, 2016



all rights reserved


Flower Crown Me A Queen Denver, Colorado

A folk punk project about being trans, hating cops, surviving capitalism, and staying cute while doing it.

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Track Name: Femme
C, G7?? (I guess? like a cross between C and G idfk), F, Am, Em7

Well I think I need a little time to think about what it is I'm doing here
I have no plan, not even a joke
I don't fix into a box
There's no pigeonhole for you to throw me into, never to be seen again

And it sucks living here where everyone wants me dead
Or not even having existed at all
Because I'm not what you'd expect
I'm not pretty, I'm not feminine enough
Shave your face, don't wear that, I can tell anyway

And I'm done playing your games
Your rules are shit, they contradict
They make no sense anyway
And I'm not a fan
Of you telling me what it is to be femme

my expression's here to stay I won't run away and hide until testosterone is remembered like a dream
Here I am, hair all over, no tits to stare at, hips to shake, my shoulders wide, no makeup on, my size thirteen feet take up space

But this dress is see through
I can't hide it from you
Just please don't think that
I've been lying to you
I feel like a woman
I look like none you've seen
But I promise you this
That I say what I mean

Because this lady loves herself
Like no one ever has
And you can't ruin that
Because even though I look like a man
I know that I'm not
I know, I know who I am
Track Name: Bathroom Break
Capo 3rd
Am, Dm, C, E

Never understanding what the fuck is going is this all in my head
While people are complaining telling me I should be dead or not exist instead
Lost our fuckin minds are we going back in time to sixty years ago
Cuz segregation's stylish, or maybe it's a trend, well shit who fuckin knows?

There's nothing this is based around
Police our bodies check our ID's bathroom battle ground
You think you're solving problems cuz you're treating us like one
Well shit, if that's the way you want it, come on, let's have some fun, go!

Never understanding what the fuck is going on is this all in my head
Conservatives are rallying, we need more police, MORE GOVERNMENT they said
Protecting all the children from an enemy we made up is the best use of our time
While making sure the pedophiles stay in the bathrooms FREE TO TERRORIZE

is there nothing we can do
Can't you see transgender people are still people too
We're here to stay won't go away no matter what you say
We'll burn it down if we must, we'll be there either way

I'm sick of trying to convince you that I'm human
The fact that I'm alive should give me reason to exist
You hold us down, you tie us up, you murder us on the block
We're sick of being thrown away and made to feel like shit