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concept stuff is cool


released April 28, 2016



all rights reserved


Flower Crown Me A Queen Denver, Colorado

A folk punk project about being trans, hating cops, surviving capitalism, and staying cute while doing it.

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Track Name: Yes, This Song Is About You
Em, C, G, D
Em, C, Em, G, D
Capo 5th

I'm so fucking pissed

I'm so fucking pissed
How could you treat me like this
After all that we've been through after everything we've done for you
We fucking trusted you
You let us down, you played us for fools
But we won't be fooled again, this is it, you're fucking dead

Lying to our faces, making papers, trading places
Did you ever for one second think that you could really fake it
I'm trying to like you, man I really fucking am
But it's just not okay when you keep treating us this way

Everything you wanted but you never thought about it what the fuck is 20/20 when your hindsight is hungover
I don't wanna hear excuses you're just tightening the nooses around everything you said get this through your fucking head
I'm done cleaning up your messes just fucking learn your lesson
Just stop it with the stresses you've put us in distress
This is all your fucking fault
Talk the talk and walk the walk
Take responsibility for the things you did to me
Track Name: I'm Sick
Am, E

I won't stoop so low and try to sell my soul for just a bit more comfort when I die
When there's people out there who can't afford to wash their hair,
eat or drink or simply live their life at all
And I can't sleep in my bed until they have a place to rest
People over profits is the goal
When no one's dying in the street when they try to fall asleep
That's when I'll finally clear my aching head

I'm sick of the myth that these problems exist
Because people don't try hard enough to live
Why must we struggle to simply exist
I'm sick of surviving, I want to live
Track Name: And Tired

I don't wanna burn out
I don't want to fit in
I don't want to make things easy for myself
When there's so much left to do

I'm tired
I'm fucking tired
I'm tired of this life that I'm forced to live
Not sad enough to take it
But just mad enough
To refuse to fake it

I'm tired of working to barely scrape by
While owners of companies laugh and strut by
They say that I should be thankful to choose
Which arm or leg I'm able to lose

Its core is corrupt
It's practice is great
Exactly what they want it to be
They hold up the people
That made it by luck
Up high on a pillar, it's easy you shmuck

I look around and all I see
Are people struggling to be alive
You're not living when you're trying to survive

I'm sick of the trickles getting caught in the gutters
High up on rooftops this ceiling's too cluttered
I can't see the sky though I know it's the limit
I've reached the end of opportunities given

I'm sick of being told that it's fair
That it's only our fault that we're stuck in despair
Excuses for racism, sexism's thoughts
If I don't hire you it's your own damn fault

I'm sick of the lies that everyone can make it
Because if they did convenience wouldn't exist
I'm sick and tired of playing the game
We can't all win cuz we're not all the same

Oppression still exists and they still deny it
In the land of the free you're more free than me
And I'm sick of this shit because I know we can change it
I know we can change it I know we can change it
Track Name: The Freedom to Take A Bath Before or After Dinner
Capo 5th
G, C

I'm having a bit of trouble falling asleep
I'm having a worse time remembering by dreams
But that's just life I guess

I'm having a hard time finding a job
No one wants to hire a girl with a beard cuz it looks wrong
So they say
That's fuckin lame

I'm struggling to try to see
How trying to conform somehow makes me free
But I just don't think that it's right to look me in the eye
And tell me that it's best to be me

Cuz being me can still get me killed
Being me still keeps me unemployed and fucking broke
And I'm trying not to feel like I'm somehow losing a game
That I never signed up for

So I'll give you a chance to prove me wrong
That I'm not losing rights because of the way I go through life
If I have the freedom to choose
Between being like me and being like you
Between being shut out and allowing to continue
Does that seem like freedom to you?